Aegis Runestone’s Screenshot of the Week Profile
Aegis Runestone’s stats
Rating4,508171 / 341
Total votes2t‑287 / 3412 in #54B
Total points4t‑282 / 3414 in #54B
Most votes in one contest2t‑284 / 341#54B
Most points in one contest4t‑277 / 341#54B
Wins0t‑150 / 341N/A
Entries1t‑264 / 341#54B
Most consecutive contests won0t‑150 / 341N/A
Most consecutive attempts won0t‑150 / 341N/A
Win ratio (5-entry minimum)N/A‒ / 1520 wins in 1 attempt
Plus/minus votes-23143 / 341-23 in #54B
Plus/minus wins-3t‑171 / 341-3 in #54B
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